Angelica Page



"Directed by Wilson Milam, Turning Page tells Geraldine Page's unbelievable story, one of a rebel and trailblazer whose sparkling career earned her an Academy Award and a record-breaking eight nominations, and whose untimely death in 1987 deprived us of one of entertainment's most dazzling figures."

THEATER MANIA March 1, 2017


"Angelica exploits her own movie star panache, her luminous skin and curvaceous full figure to go the limit."

GOSSIP CENTRAL February 28, 2017


"Gloriously replicating the legendary actress Geraldine Page’s mannerisms, speech patterns and facial expressions, while wearing a variety of wigs, scarves and sunglasses, her daughter Angelica Page vividly pays tribute to her."

THEATER SCENE February 28, 2017


"...You’ll be swept away by Angelica Page entering the world of life as Geraldine Page in all its complexity."

THEATER PIZZAZ, February 25, 2017


“She’s gone but, still, you can’t get my mother off the stage — so I’m playing her. Channeling her through me. She’s talking about her life, letting it unravel. With imagination, I create reality. I bookend it as Angelica."

NEW YORK POST, CINDY ADAMS, February 20, 2017


"… She was a really private person when she was alive and very different from the roles she played, so we get to experience her magic intimately. And it’s a wonderful gift to be able to share her in that way with other people.”

HOLLYWOOD SOAPBOX, February 7, 2017


"Angelica Page Brilliantly Lives Out Her Mother's Life and Career in TURNING PAGE"

BROADWAY WORLD January 27, 2017